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Focused, affordable, convenient, content-rich teleclasses and webinars by Productivity Expert, Kimberly Medlock.

I host open webinars occasionally throughout the year on many different personal and professional productivity topics. If you joined the “Smarter VIP" list, you will receive notice when these are offered. (Feel free to send me a special request to consider.)  Otherwise, check out my "Smarter Training-On-Demand" program. 

Everyone can benefit from learning how to get things done quicker, easier and better, and with less time, effort and hassle.  We also know it is not always easy and within budget to provide professional in-house learning sessions, so we created a solution...Smarter Training Matters On-Demand -  teleclasses and webinars with customized outlines created for the specific needs of your members or team.

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    Click here to download PDF version of the Training-On-Demand program

    1. Get Organized Using Microsoft Outlook – the webinar:  You will pump-up your productivity when you learn how to use the many great features of Microsoft Outlook. An engaging webinar with a no-tech talk guarantee, participants will leave the session confident, excited and empowered to organize and better manage all of your to-do’s, contacts, emails, schedules, follow-ups, and notes with this one tool!


    2.  Smarter Email Management – Let me help you overcome email overload.  Email is now the most used (and abused) communication tool in the world, yet most people have never had any official training on how to manage it. The volume and frequency of email received by today’s professionals require an entirely different skill set and system. This session will discuss how you can drastically reduce the amount of email you receive each day, as well as help you set up a super-simple processing system that helps you file it and find it fast and so much more! (Most can get their inbox to zero in the first day!)


    3. Smarter Email Etiquette – Communicating with email is an entirely different method than from communicating with paper or with spoken words. Since a large percentage of the communications you have with your co-workers, stakeholders, customers and prospects is now done with email, don’t you think you and your team should know the best practices for using it? This session will discuss the most common email mistakes and show you how to save time and improve your communication and your reputation.


    4. The Art of Smarter Delegation – Proper delegation is often the most overlooked, yet critical aspect of both smart time management and good leadership skills. Delegation is not “dumping” tasks on others, nor is it necessarily giving up “control.” This session will discuss keys to improve your delegation skills and create a win-win that will help you get things done more quickly and easily.


    5. Smarter Time Management Matters   “There’s not enough time” is the #1 stress factor (and excuse) for most people today. Participants will learn how to get more out of their day by learning how to improve their ability to pick, plan and prioritize their to-do’s and commitments. You’ll learn two secrets for how to add real quality time back to your day and the third key that people often overlook.


    6. Procrastination Cures – Putting off important things that you know you need to do is like dragging around a ball and chain – it nags and nags and gets heavier and heavier, eventually robbing you of peace of mind and draining your energy. This session will discuss how you can greatly reduce your risk of procrastinating on anything, setting you apart from those who allow this to be a habit.


    7. Less Stress and More Energy – Stress can be a serious and costly productivity problem, impacting the quality of relationships and the health of your employees. The fact is when you are stressed, you are much more prone to work unproductively; and when you are working unproductively, you are much more prone to being stressed.  This session will discuss how to identify what is causing your stress and share many proven remedies for greatly reducing it.


    8. Reducing Mental Clutter – “Mental clutter” is most likely the real culprit for the disorganization and lack of time management in your life. This session will help you identify what causes mental clutter and how to get rid of it in order to improve your ability to focus, reduce stress, and get things done!


    9. Smarter Meeting Matters – How effective are your meetings or the meetings you attend?  Smarter meetings don’t just happen. More than 70% of people who regularly attend meetings say that many of the meetings they attend are a major waste of time. How much time could you add back to your week if you could reduce your meeting time by 20%, 30%, or more? This session includes a meeting etiquette checklist, discusses the essential elements of a meeting that must be in place before a meeting is called, effective facilitation techniques that encourage participation and follow-through, and meeting alternatives that can save you lots of time and money! 


    10. Minimizing Distractions and Interruptions in the Workplace – One of the top concerns expressed by office-based workers is never-ending interruptions and distractions. In fact, studies show that 2.1 hours a day are typically wasted with unnecessary interruptions and distractions! This session will discuss the most common workday interruptions, as well as give ideas and solutions for reducing these mega time-wasters; thus, allowing you to get the work done and leave the office feeling highly productive!


    11. Overcoming Information Overload – Unless you have found that “paperless society” we heard was coming, you are like most people – still buried in paper!   Not only does the average worker generate over 100 lbs. of wasted paper each year, but they also waste more than five hours a week just sifting through it to find what they need!  This session will discuss great ways for you to eliminate the paper piles and clutter, as well as how to set up a super-simple system that allows you to file it and find it fast!  Don’t worry; we cover email and media too. 


    12. A Smarter Professional Image – True professionals look, act, talk and work in a way that sets them apart from others. (These people often make more money too!) This session will discuss the characteristics and practices needed for one to be known as a professional in their field!


    13. Getting It Done While Getting Along – In addition to the great diversity we have in the workplace today, we all have different personalities and psychological make-ups that can often make our habits and expectations conflict with others. Having a “If they would just do it my way...” attitude usually doesn’t work well in the long-run. A simple understanding of how people are “wired” can make all the difference for creating a respectful, productive work environment. This session will discuss how to identify, understand and appreciate different personalities and behaviors.


    Give us a call or email to discuss how we can help you with the personal and professional development needs of your employees or team members. 


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    "Smarter Training-On-Demand" webinar program: This allows you to schedule a webinar training session on any of the productivity topics I offer for the date and time that is best for your group.  Additional benefits of this program include a customized message and outline based on your specific in-house needs.


    How it works:

    • Choose any topic from our training menu.
    • Contact us to schedule the session time that works best for your group. (All sessions are scheduled Monday - Friday during the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. CST. After-hours sessions are available for an additional fee.)
    • A promotional email is provided and sent to help market the session and encourage participation.
    • Pre-class assessment - A brief assessment/survey can be sent to all invited to participate. This will include the opportunity for each person to “ask the expert” a question or share his/her issues relating to the selected topic. This will also provide valuable first-hand insight about the topic, enabling us to customize aspects of the message so that we focus on the most important issues to your group.
    • Post-class evaluation report - After the call, we can send a brief online feedback and evaluation opportunity to all that participated. This info can be provided to you allowing us to determine what, if any, special follow-up or additional accountability opportunities should be considered.

    Remember, each session’s message is tailored for your group's needs.  In addition to scheduling the date and time that is best for you, the package includes the pre-session assessment, post-session assessment, the call recording and any written materials that coincide with the session.


    Most sessions can be delivered via tele-classes or webinars formats and be delivered in 45-75-minute sessions allowing for Q & A time.


    Cost: Webinars are $899


    * Discounts when 3 or more sessions are ordered. 

    * Special pricing for non-profit organizations. 

    * Feel free to request a topic.


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    What is a webinar?  It’s a conference call with pictures!  The benefits of a webinar is that it provides a visual effect that helps improve the engagement and retention of the material; another benefit is that because the participant will need to view from a computer/screen, this helps minimize“multi-tasking” temptations.  However, because the session will be accessed via a computer, the participant will have less flexibility for participating “live” if he/she is away from the office or a quality internet connected computer.  However, the sessions are recorded so they can be accessed at future times.  I currently use GoToWebinar service.

    * Discounts when 3 or more sessions are ordered.
    * Special pricing for non-profit organizations.
    * More session topics are being created.  Please let us know what needs to be shared with your team.


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