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Over 50 simple and smarter ideas for improving results, relationships and reputations in the workplace.  

This book is for you, the curious reader and the many hardworking people who have allowed me the privilege of helping them become more productive and to accomplish their goals of doing and being their best. And because I know how one’s work life can affect one’s home life, I especially hope it’s helpful to working parents. I hope that the tips, insights and encouragements shared will help you to end your workday better satisfied and with less stress, leaving you with more than enough energy and enthusiasm to spend with your kids, family, friends and the activities you love and enjoy. I love my job and I love helping you love yours, too!  

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Smarter Training Matters Suggests These Cool and Smarter Resources...


Daily Time Tracker worksheet.p3 copy

Keep a time log if you are serious about improving your time-management and work-life balance. The first step for helping you determine where and how you could better spend your time, is to be better aware of where and how you are now spending your time. Most of us just go through the day drifting or jumping from task to task and doing things that could be eliminated or simplified from our daily routines. Track your time for just one day and see what you discover. Then commit to tracking your time for 2-weeks for an even better awareness. Remember, you can't manage what you don't measure.


Free download of Daily Time Tracker

Okay, it’s not technically a “productivity” resource but it is good parenting. And honestly, what’s more important than being a good parent and raising great kids? I love this service (but my kids hate it). This site will help you know what your kids are REALLY seeing at the movies. ScreenIt allows you to know exactly what you/your kids will be exposed to when they see a movie or video. You might be surprised at what “Hollywood” feels is appropriate even when rated PG or PG13. This non-judgmental site will give you just the facts and the information needed to make an informed decision about whether its contents are appropriate for you and your family. It's one of the best $24.95 bills I pay each year and highly encourage all families to get in the know of what their kids are being exposed to. 

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