Kimberly Medlock Productivity Coach

"When you change the way you see things,
the things you see can change."
Dr. Wayne Dyer

Coaches – successful people have one.

Do you need someone (you can speak to in confidence) to help you figure things out, talk it out, identify gaps or blind spots, create a plan, discuss your goals, challenges to help you be your best?
  • My coaching services can help you with:
  • 1:1 Microsoft Outlook training, email management
  • Time-management needs (Evaluating systems, priorities, and planning)
  • Decluttering needs for your time, mind, spaces, and information
  • Improving co-worker relationships
  • Growing your small business (brainstorm, marketing, connections)
How it works:
  • I’m a get to the point kind of person, not a therapist.  You’ll tell me what you want to do, learn or improve and we’ll schedule the time to discuss how to make that happen.
  • 1:1 Outlook/email training: 30-days of coaching and support - $275 or $350
  • You can send me a brief or bulleted email letting me know of any specific Outlook areas and/or issues you want to solve. (This will help me prepare for our call time.)
  • We can schedule up to 40-minutes of screen-share/phone time to demo/discuss and learn using actual email application. (The 40-minutes can be one session or divided if needed.)
  • You have 30 days of unlimited email or quick phone call questions.
  • The fee when working with one individual is $275; for a 2-person team it is $350. (For larger group training webinars, please see the webinar training options page.)

All other topics:

The Get it Done Plan:  $165 – Pre-session intake, (1) 45-minute 1:1 phone session and 30 days of unlimited email follow-up support (trust me, we can cover a lot in 45 minutes :) )

The Partner Plan: $375 – Pre-session intake, 120-minutes of phone time that you can use in any increment that's best for you (all at once or divided as needed) and full email support for 60 days.

Here are just a few of the very measurable benefits reported when working with a good coach:

  • Working relationships with direct reports (a favorable increase reported by 77% of executives)
  • Working relationships with immediate supervisors (71%)
  • Teamwork (67%)
  • Working relationships with peers (63%)
  • Job satisfaction (61%)
  • Conflict resolution (52%)
  • Organizational commitment (44%)
  • Working relationships with clients (37%)

For more information about my coaching services, please  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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